God Has The Most Glory When We Have The Most Shame

“There is a great fault among those who have fled to Christ’s righteousness in justification, that they use to come full from duties,as a stomach from a honeycomb.  Ofttimes we make our liberty and access to God the ground of our acceptance; and according to the ebb and flow of our inherent righteousness, so does the faith and confidence of justification ebb and flow.  Christians, this ought not be; in so doing, you make your own righteousness your righteousness before God… Give you liberty and access and you can believe anything; remove it and you can believe nothing.  Certainly, this is a sandy foundation, – you ought to build nothing on performances, you should be as vile in your own eyes, and think your nakedness as open, when you come nearest God and when you have the most liveliness, as when He hides His face and duty withers…Your best estate should not puff you up and your worst estate should not cast you down…God has most glory when we have most shame.” 

– Hugh Binning, From his “Works”, P.450

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