Christ, Our Only Advocate

“Therefore observe further, that nothing of our own righteousness, or graces, or privileges, are to be set up by us as joint advocates with Christ before the tribunal of God in case of sin.  The Apostle saith not, If any man sin, let him plead his former obedience, let him plead his habitual grace, let him plead his adoption, and by that challenge the renewing of God’s paternal affection….We must enter no plea but what Christ doth enter, and that is only His propitiation….Those that set up their own satisfactions, penitential acts, , their humiliation, remorse, or their other glittering graces, mightily intrench upon the honor of Christ, and His standing office in heaven.  They may be of some use in the accusations of our own consciences, but not before God’s tribunal.  It is certain our own righteousness sticks as close to us as our enmity to God.  Nay, a secret confidence in it is the great citadel and chiefest fort  and strength wherein our enmity against God and His righteousness lies.  There is no man but is more willing to part with his sin than to part with his righteousness; and there is nothing we find more starting up in us in the actings of grace than the motions of spiritual pride.”

-Stephen Charnock, From his Works, vol.5, P.98-99 

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