Peace of Conscience

“Being justified by faith, you have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ, and, in some measure, peace of conscience.  If then the law as a covenant of works should at any time enter your conscience again, and require perfect obedience from you as the ground of your title to eternal life, saying “This do, and you shall live”, present to it, in the hand of faith, the perfect obedience of your Divine Surety in answer to that demand. And as often as the law in your conscience repeats the high demand, renew your application of His consummate obedience, and trust firmly that it was performed for you in order to entitle you to eternal life.  The righteous law, magnified and made honorable by that meritorious obedience, will, in proportion as you do so, cease to disturb the peace of your conscience.

…In answer to it’s demand of perfect obedience as the condition of life, present in the hand of faith to it the perfect obedience of the second Adam; and in answer to its demand of complete satisfaction for sin, exhibit to it His infinite atonement for the sins of all who believe in Him.  That is the way to honor it and, at the same time, recover and maintain peace of conscience.”

-John Colquhoun, from his Treatise on the Law and the Gospel, P.258-259

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