Our Righteousness is in Heaven

“Faith is focused on what is in Heaven, on what we have in Christ at God’s right hand (Col.3:1-4).  Therefore, we must decisively say that sanctification, being on Earth, being in the believer, is no part of the righteousness that is by faith alone.  The righteousness that is of faith alone is the righteousness of the living and dying Christ.  It is that life of perfect holiness that Christ now presents at the bar of justice on our behalf.  The only righteousness we have before God is the righteousness that is now actually before God.  Our righteousness, therefore, is where we need it most – in God’s presence, before God’s law, at the Father’s right hand…As John Bunyan declared, the sublime secret of the Bible is “that a righteouness that resides with a person in Heaven should justify me a sinner on Earth”.

-John Robbins, Trinity Review  #133, The Relationship Between Justification and Sanctification”

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