“God drives affliction like a wedge between us and the world; or He sends it like a plowshare right across our most cherished hopes and brightest prospects till He thoroughly wearies us of all below”.

-Horatius Bonar, from his Night of Weeping,p.148

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Our Relationship to the Law

“Our new relationship to the law is that of Christ Himself to it. It is that of men who have met all it’s claims, exhausted it’s penalties, satisfied it’s demands, magnified it, and made it honorable. For our faith in God’s testimony to Christ’s Surety-obedience has made us one with Him.”

-Horatius Bonar, from his God’s Way of Holiness”,p.79

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The Motive to a Holy Life

“There is no motive to a holy life so powerful and efficacious as that which is drawn from the propitiatory work of Christ, who, after meeting the demands of the law and bearing it’s curse, makes the same law a rule to direct our steps; and Christians learn to take it from the Mediator’s hand”.

-George Smeaton, from his Christ’s Doctrine of the Atonement, p. 413

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Christ Our Intercessor

“Since Christ trod the wine-press alone, He solicits our cause alone, intercession being founded upon propitiation; He therefore, that is, the sole Propitiator, is the sole Intercessor. He only has the right to plead for us, who had the right to purchase us…As He is the sole Author of it by His Passion, so He will be the sole Finisher of it by His Intercession.”

-Stephen Charnock, from his works vol. 5,p. 110

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No Condemnation

“God may afflict but He will never condemn you. Chastisements are not judgments; afflictions are not condemnations….The fiery trials which purify our faith have not a spark in them of that “unquenchable fire” that will consume the condemned hereafter”.

Octavius Winslow, from his “No Condemnation”, p.20

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The School of Trial

“Now, the school of trial is the school of spiritual knowledge. We grow in a knowledge of ourselves, learning more of our superficial attainments, shallow experience, and limited grace. We learn, too, more of our weakness, emptiness, and vileness, the ploughshare of trial penetrating deep into the heart and throwing up its veiled iniquity. And oh, how does this deeper self-knowledge lay us low, humble and abase us; and when our self-sufficiency and our self-seeking and our self-glorying is thus mowed down,  the showers of the Savior’s grace descend as rain upon the mown grass and so we advance in knowledge and holiness heavenward.”

Octavius Winslow, from his “Help Heavenward, p. 69

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The Devil’s Attacks

“The Devil directs his fiercest battles against those doctrines in the Word, and those graces in the heart, which most exalt God, debase man, and bring men to the lowest subjection to their Creator; such is the doctrine and grace of justifying faith”.

-Stephen Charnock, from his The Existence and Attributes of God, p.106

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The Incarnation and the Cross

“The stupendous fact of man’s redemption was an end worthy of such a cost, but the incarnation was not necessary except on the supposition of redemption from sin. The incarnation and the cross are thus viewed as inseparable, but both as a MEANS to an end, viz. the vindication of divine justice, the expiation of sin, the meritorious obedience to be rendered to the law.”

-George Smeaton, from his “The Apostle’s Doctrine of the Atonement”, p.12

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“The Omnipotence of God is not only the object of a believer’s trust but also a believer’s fear…we are to fear Him because He can but bless His goodness because He will not (kill the body and soul in hell).”

-Stephen Charnock, works vol.2,p.107

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Infinite Goodness

“Infinite Goodness, rightly apprehended, would dull our desires after other things and sharpen them with a keener edge after that which is best of all.”

-Stephen Charnock, from his works, vol.2, p.351

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The Truth, More Important Than Our Lives

“However, let this be a settled point among all Chritians: They must not hold their lives more dear than the testimony to the Truth, as God desires to be glorified through it”.

-John Calvin, from his “Come out From Among Them”, p.171

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A Love of Walls

“One thing I admonish you, beware of Antichrist. It is wrong that a love of walls has seized you; wrong that you venerate the Church of God in roofs and buildings; wrong that beneath these you introduce the Name of peace. Is there any doubt that Antichrist will have his seat in them? To my mind, mountains, woods, lakes, prisons and chasms are safer. For either abiding in them or cast into them, the prophets prophesied.”

Hilary of Poitiers, quoted by Calvin in his Institutes, p.25

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Nothing Imperfect

“If we rightly understand the infiniteness of God’s holiness, we cannot conceive that anything imperfect can justify us before so exact and strict a tribunal , where sits the omniscience of God to see, the holiness of God to hate, and the justice of God to punish every defect and deviation from His law”.

-Stephen Charnock, from his works, vol. 3, p. 529

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Christ, My Righteousness

“Thy righteousness is in Heaven,  And I thought that I could see Jesus Christ at God’s right hand. Yea, there indeed was my righteousness, so that wherever I was, or whatever I was doing, God could not say about me that I did not have righteousness, for it was there standing before Him. I also saw that it was not my good feelings that made my righteousness better and that my bad feelings did not make my righteousness worse, for my righteousness was Jesus Christ Himself, the same yesterday, today and forever.”

-John Bunyan, from his “Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners”, p. 80

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The Source of Holiness

“Men do not make themselves holy; their holiness and their growth in grace,are not due to their own fidelity, or firmness of purpose, or watchfulness and diligence, although all of these are required, but to the divine influence by which they are rendered thus faithful, watchful and diligent, and which produces in them the fruits of righteousness”.

-Charles Hodge, Works vol.3,p.218

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The Effect of the Scriptures Upon Us

“It (the bible) is a hammer to break the hard heart, a fire to purge the drossy heart, a light to shine into the dark heart,  and oil to revive the broken heart, and armor of proof to establish the weak and tempted heart”.

-William Lyford, from his “The Instructed Christian”, p.80

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“Objections to dogmatism are always dogmatic, and relativisms are always asserted absolutely.”

G.H. Clark, from his Thales to Dewey, p.69

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Being Taught

“We know nothing spiritually, except as we are taught of God.  The more we are taught, the more we feel our need of teaching, and the more pressing will be our cries for this invaluable blessing.”

Ibid. p.80

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Our Helplessness

“The first attempt to render spiritual obedience will quickly convince us of our utter helplessness.  We might as soon create a world, as create in our hearts one pulse of spiritual life.  And yet our inability does not cancel our obligation.  Shall God lose His right , because sin has palsied our ability?”

-Charles Bridges, from his commentary on Psalm 119, p.9

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