True Growth

“The great influential principles of saving truth are few and simple, and some are apt to think that they are easily and soon fully learned. But this is a dangerous mistake….It is a very important remark, that after a man is really converted , growth in knowledge consists chiefly in knowing better the very truths by which conversion has been produced.”

Ibid, p.210

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“All our knowledge here is but the ignorance of infants, and all our expressions of God and of His praises are but as the first stammerings of children”.

Ibid, p.195

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Belief of the Truth

“It is the Spirit who fixes the mind on the truth and its evidences, so as to lead to the belief of the truth.  It is the man in the exercise of his rational faculties who believes; but he exercises these faculties under a divine influence.  It is the man, not the Holy Spirit, who believes; but the man who believes, acts as he is influenced by the Holy Ghost”.

Ibid, p.179

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The Intrinsic Worth of Christ’s Blood

“All the gold and silver in the world, the universe of created things, are as nothing and vanity, when compared to the life-blood of the only-begotten of God”.

Ibid, p.159

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Conformed to God

“To be holy, is to be conformed to God; and to be conformed to God, is at once man’s highest honor, duty and happiness”

-Ibid, p.142

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“All immoderate use of the world and its delights injures the soul in its spiritual condition, makes it sickly and feeble, full of spiritual distempers and inactivity, benumbs the graces of the Spirit, and fills the soul with sleepy vapors, makes it grow secure and heavy in spiritual exercises, and obstructs the way and motion of the Spirit of God in the soul”.

-Leighton, quoted by John Brown in his commentary of 1st Peter,.p.125

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“God created the world to provide a spouse and a kingdom for His Son: and the setting up of the kingdom of Christ, and the spiritual marriage of the spouse to Him, is what the whole creation labors and trevails in pain to bring to pass.

-Jonathan Edwards, from his The History of Redemption, p.263

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Christian Moderation

“The Christian does not consider the wealth and the honor and the pleasures of this world as destitute of value; but he sees that that value is by no means what the deluded worshippers of Mammon suppose it to be. He sees that the possession of them cannot make him happy, nor the want of them make him miserable. They cannot obtain for him the pardon of his sin, they cannot pacify his conscience, they cannot transform his character, they cannot give him life in death, they cannot secure him of happiness forever. They appear to him polluted with sin, replete with temptation, pregnant of danger.
With these views, he is moderate in his desires for them, moderate in his pursuit of them, moderate in his attachment to them while he enjoys them, moderate in his regrets for them when he is deprived of them. This is Christian sobriety.”

Ibid, p.122

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The Saint’s Lot

“All is ordered, and all is well ordered…Everything in the saint’s lot is arranged in the best way suited to promote his true, his everlasting welfare.”

Ibid, p.77

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“For every blessing, even for a breath of air, a crust of bread, a draught of water, a moment of ease, we ought to give thanks; for we are unworthy of any favor. Everything in the shape of blessing coming to us from God should excite our gratitude.”

Ibid, p.58

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