An Important Connection

“The better the connection between the atonement and sanctification is understood, the more firmly it is believed, the more habitually it is meditated on, the greater progress will the individual Christian make in practical godliness…The sanctifying efficacy of the atonement is exerted through the faith of the atonement. It is only as known and believed that it can either pacify the conscience or purify the heart”.

Ibid, Vol. 3, p.45

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Shall God Spare…

“If God spared not His Son, standing in the room of sinners, shall He spare the sinner who madly insists on keeping his own place, and refuses to seek shelter under the overshadowinng wings of the angel of the covenant? No: there is no salvation without pardon; no pardon without atonement; no atonement without satisfaction; no satisfaction but in the atonement of Christ Jesus.”

Ibid, p.408

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The Christian’s Hope

 “The Christian’s hope is a hope that he shall ultimately be just what God would have him to be, perfectly holy, perfectly happy, in intimate relation, in complete conformity, to God.”


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The Wonder of God

“Everything about God is fitted to fill the mind with awe, and it would seem as if nothing short of insanity could prevent any being possessed of reason and affection from habitually feeling the sentiment of supreme veneration for Him. He is the unexhausted, inexhaustible fountain of all the being, all the life, all the intelligence, all the power, all the activity, all the excellence, all the happiness in the universe”.

Ibid, P.116

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Human Nature

“Human nature has become adorable as the true Shekinah, the everlasting palace of the supreme Majesty, wherein the fulness of the Godhead dwells bodily – the most holy shrine of the Divinity, the orb of inaccessible light – as this, and more than all this, if more could be expressed, or, if we could explain that text,’ The Word was made flesh and dwelt among us’.”

Ibid, P.90

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The Law as Covenant or Rule

“The law, then, may be considered either as a rule or as a covenant. Christ has freed all believers from the rigor and curse of the law considered as a covenant, but He has not freed them from obedience to the law considered as a rule; and all those scriptures that speak of the law as if it were abrogated or annulled, speak of it considered as a covenant. Those again that speak of the law as if it were still in force, take it considered as a rule.”

Ibid, p.43-44

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Individual Judgment

“To yield up our judgment in religious matters to any individual, or to any church, is to invest that individual or that church with the attribute of infallibility; and consequently, while we retain the character of Protestants, practically to adopt one of the worst errors of Popery. You can have no certainty that any doctrine which you hold is true, unless you have seen it with your own eyes in the Scriptures”

Ibid, p.27

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True Liberty

“The only true liberty of which a dependent being like a man is capable, is the free use of his faculties in the service of God. Independence, strictly speaking, belongs only to God. Man, in seeking it, instead of obtaining, lost liberty. Seeking to be supreme lord of himself, refusing to be the servant of the best of Beings, he necessarily became a slave of the worst.”

Ibid, 2nd vol. p. 14

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To Believe

“To believe, is to count a proposition true on the ground of what appears satisfactory testimony; to believe on, or in a person, is a Hebraistic mode of expression, and signifies to count a testimony, given either by or respecting that person, to be true. To believe in Christ, is to count true what Christ says, or what is said about Christ; to know and be sure of it, to reckon it a “faithful saying, and worthy of all acceptation”.

Ibid, p.252-253

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The Well of Living Water

“Divine truth lodged in the mind and heart, by the influence of the good Spirit, is the only well of living water which will spring up unto eternal life”.

Ibid, p.225

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The Milk of the Word

“Spiritual truth is compared to milk; to intimate its simplicity, its pleasantness to the unsophisticated spiritual palate, and its tendency to produce spiritual growth”.
Ibid, p.218

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