Not One Good Thought

“Are you from your own experience convinced that your heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked, and that, instead of being able to yield perfect obedience to the law, you are not sufficient so much as to think one good thought”?

-John Colquhoun, from his Sermons On Important Doctrines, p.111

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The Gospel

“The Gospel is God’s efficacious means of saving man…This Gospel is not only powerful, but all powerful.  There is no man, however degraded, guilty, depraved, and miserable, that it cannot save.”

John Brown, from his Romans commentary,p.7

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The Excellence of Christ’s Righteousness

“When sinners are convinced that no blood can expiate their sins but blood of infinite value, and that no obedience can merit eternal life for them but obedience that is infinitely perfect, the Spirit, shining into their darkened understandings and shining at the same time upon the gospel report concerning Christ, discovers to their hearts the excellence and suitableness of His surety-righteousness revealed in the gospel”.

Ibid, p.97

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Christ Bore God’s Wrath For His People

“He suffered in a short space all that inexpressible pressure of infinite wrath that the elect could not have endured though they had lain in the place of torment through all eternity.  He did not only endure all the wrath due for one sin, which we own to be infinite, nor did He only endure the wrath due for all the sins of one sinner, but He endured the wrath due for all the sins of all the elect of God”.

Ibid, p.92

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Christ, The Righteous Branch

“He is called a righteous Branch for He is infinitely righteous in Himself, and is the Author of all that imputed righteousness that is necessary to justify, and of all that inherent holiness that is requisite to beautify His people”.

– John Colquhoun, from his Sermons on Important Doctrines, p.77

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Love and Hate

“A sinner hates the holiness which he ought to love, and loves the sin which he ought to hate”

W.G.T. Shedd, from his Dogmatic Theology
vol.1. p.177

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Light and Darkness

“He who lives to sin, lives in a dark dungeon, laden with fetters; he who lives to God, dwells in light, walks at liberty. The uncertain wildfires of worldly pleasure, which but light those who follow them to their doom, will soon be extinguished in the blackness of darkness for ever.”

Ibid, p.66

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