Degrees of Happiness

“The Holy Spirit within the believer on earth will produce the fruit of His own character for which the believer will be rewarded with greater degrees of happiness in heaven, though all are justified by the perfect righteousness of Christ alone and will be filled to capacity with the love and happiness of God in heaven by virtue of that justification.”

– Craig Biehl, From his “The Infinite Merit of Christ”., p194-195.

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Our Peace May Be Clouded

“But the peace of God’s children is not uninterrupted. That tranquility which calmed the sin-burdened heart, may not become the abiding experience of the soul. The interval between your being justified by faith, and your being crowned with glory, may be clouded with dark dispensations, or disturbed by dark forebodings; your conscience may be torn with fierce conflicts, or blotted with wasting sins, so as to raise a tumult of misgivings and fears within the breast, and shake the peaceful sense of your acceptance in Christ.”

-W.B.Mackenzie, from his “The Justified Believer”, p.56

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External/Internal Righteousness

“The justifying righteousness of Christ is external; the sanctifying righteousness of the Spirit is internal. The righteousness whereby we are justified is perfect, but not inherent; that whereby we are sanctified is inherent but not perfect; the righteousness in which we shall be clothed in the world to come is both perfect and inherent; in that righteousness every believer in Christ Jesus will shine as the stars for ever and ever”.

– W.B.Mackenzie, from his “The Justified Believer”, p.23

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Imperfect Works

“All the works of the creature since the Fall are imperfect; and therefore utterly unfit to be its justifying righteousness before God, either in whole or in part. It is impossible that an imperfect obedience can make the person that performs it perfectly righteous; and such is the infinite purity of God’s nature and the strictness of His justice, that He can accept nothing for righteousness that is not perfectly conformed to the rule of it in His holy Law. And therefore our own obedience cannot be the whole of our righteousness before God. Nor can it be any part of it; because that which is wholly imperfect can be no part of perfection.”

-Joseph Hart, from his “A Discourse on Justification”, p.15

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The Chief End of Man

“A potter forms his vessel for himself, and not for his vessels.  This determines the question with respect to God’s end in the creation
of man.  Philosophers can discern no higher end in creating man than that of making him happy.  But the chief end of the potter in molding his vessels has a reference to himself,  and God’s chief end in making man is His own glory.”

-Robert Haldane, from his Romans commentary, p.483

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