How to View the Trials of Life

“Indeed, were it God’s intent to satisfy His justice by the evils which He brings upon me, I might then tremble with horror and astonishment, and account every, the slightest suffering, a presage and pledge, of far greater and eternal to come; but if I have an interest in the righteousness of Christ, justice is already satisfied, and the curse removed; and all the sorrows and afflictions which I suffer, are but the corrections of a gracious Father, not the revenge of an angry God”.

Ibid, p.60

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Personal or Imputed Obedience

“The covenant of works promises life, if we obey in our own persons: but the covenant of grace relaxes this and promises life, if we obey in our Surety. The condition of both is perfect obedience: in one, personal; in the other, imputed. And the way how we should obtain a title to this obedience of our Surety, is, by believing.”

-Ibid, P.41

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Filthy Rags

“All are righteousnesses are but filthy rags” Isa.64:6.  Rags they are; and, therefore, cannot cover our nakedness: filthy they are; and, therefore, need a covering for themselves.  To think to cover filth by filth, is nothing else but to make both more odious in the sight of God”.

-Ezekiel Hopkins, from his The Doctrine of the Two Covenants”, p.26

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Union with Adam and with Christ

“The believer is one with Christ as truly as he was one with Adam – he dies with Christ as truly as he died with Adam.  Christ’s righteousness is his as truly as Adam’s sin was his…all Christ’s people are one with Him, and His obedience is as truly theirs as if they had yielded it, and His death as if they had suffered it”.

-Robert Haldane, from his Romans commentary, p.244

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