In Heaven…

“In heaven they enjoy God as the supreme good; They are ravished with the glories of His nature, charmed with the beauties of His character, exquisitely delighted in His exaltation, in His supremacy, perfect government, crying, ‘Holy, holy is the Lord of Hosts; the whole earth is full of His glory; and they are as flames of fire, all love, life, activity, in the delightful service of their glorious King”.

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Better Than All the Universe

“So for us sinners to repent and be converted, to return to God through Jesus Christ, and to have Him for our God and Father, is better, yea, infinitely better, than to have all the universe put into our hands”.

Ibid, p.85

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The Infinite Chasm Between God’s Character and Ours

“Therefore, for a sinner to love the true God, is, at the same time, to judge and condemn, to hate and abhor, his own character, as being infinitely odious. We can have not so much as one good thought of the divine character, without giving up our own as infinitely abominable.  The moment we begin to think that God’s character is good, we begin to look upon our own as infinitely bad”.
Ibid, p.72

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Sin is an Infinite Evil

“If sin is an infinite evil, if not to love the infinitley glorious God our Maker with all our hearts, so as from love to be perfectly obedient to His will in thought, word, and deed, is an infinite evil; then those who are wholly blind to the holy beauty of the divine nature, and consequently entirely destitute of true love and of true obedience, are, in the sight of God, infinitely to blame for every thought, word, and action. the plowing of the wicked is sin. The prayers of the wicked are sin.

– Joseph Bellamy, from his “Sin, the Law, and The Glory of the Gospel’, p.65

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The Effect of Knowledge

“Certainly, the more you know of God and Christ, and the way of your salvation through an imputed righteousness, the more you will admire,, adore, and advance Divine love and wisdom, and the more humble and abase yourselves.”

Ibid, p.120

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