Spiritual Blindness

“Spiritual blindness consists primarily in the want of spiritual sight;  or in not be sensible of the loveliness, beauty, and glory of divine things, as they are in themselves.”

Ibid, p.134

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A Self-Righteous Spirit

“In general, a self-righteous spirit consists in a disposition to think more highly of ourselves than we ought to think; and so, it is pride. And it stands in opposition to humility, which is to think soberly of ourselves, and as we ought to think…and a self-righteous spirit arises from blindness to the divine glory, and ignorance of our true character and state, as they appear in the sight of God, and as they really are, compared with His holy law.
The spiritual knowledge of God and His law, and a view of ourselves in contrast with God and His law thus known, is the cure of a self-righteous spirit”.

Ibid, P. 120

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Love to God

“It is a pleasure to imitate a character which charms our hearts, to honor a person we greatly esteem, and please one we greatly love. The duties of a Christian life are only practical expressions of love to God; they are nothing else than love to God, and reduced to practice.  Love to God is the life and soul of every good work.”

– Joseph Bellamy, from his “Sin, the Law, and the Glory of the Gospel”. p.111

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