What’s Better?

“The subduing of our own passions is more excellent than to have the whole world subdued to our will.”
-Thomas Boston, From his The Crook in the Lot, p.85

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The Blessing of Providence

“Our conditions are not measured out by the strength of our own prudence, nor by the mere virtue of our own diligence, but by the effectual direction and blessing of providence”.
-Ibid, p.75

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Depend on the Providence of God

“Let us learn then to depend on the providence of God. Why? All our beings are from God; there is no one so able to fulfill our necessities and no one so willing to do us good; all issues do befall us according to the commands of His providence.”
– Obadiah Sedgwick, from his Providence Handled Practically,P.33

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Do You Relish the Holy Beauty of God?

“To have no relish for holy beauty, to have no heart to look upon holiness itself as a lovely thing, is equivalent to having no heart to love the Holy One of Israel, who is the God of glory.”
Ibid, p.135

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