The Purpose of the Gospel

“To break up all self-righteousness, to bind sinful man merely in his own nakedness, fast to Jesus, that he may be clothed from His fulness alone, is the great purpose of the Gospel, and the great work of the Spirit, with him.
Ibid, p.64

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The Very Best Works

“The very best works of the best men,  if tried thus by the touchstone of God’s perfect law,  would be in themselves,  but an accumulation of guilt against the day of wrath.
-Ibid. p. 48

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True Humility

True humility is “a real and deep consciousness of our guilty and lost condition, as justly and eternally condemned before God;  a clear perception of the total opposition of our hearts to the will of God;  and of the entire absence in our lives of the least conformity to His commands”.
– Stephen Tyng from his Lectures on the Law and Gospel, p.29

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Grace Gives What the Law Commands

“For after God has commanded us to walk in His commandments, He promises that He will cause us so to walk, that is, He will give us the mind and the feet.  But all the law, all the commands, as well as all the exhortations, rebukes, and threats, direct us and as it were lead us by the hand to the promises, where God reduces all our goodness to nothing by attributing every portion of our good works to Himself and His grace.  So, therefore, he who measures human powers by the law and the commands betrays the fact that he does not yet grasp the first principles of the faith”.
-John Calvin, from his The Bondage and Liberation of the Will, p.138

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