God Takes Time…For Us

“God can do things in a moment, but it is His wisdom to take time, that His people may have time to exercise their trust, their hope and their patience.

-Stephen Charnock, from his Discourse on Divine Providence, p. 118

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A Bad Choice

“The moment that men turn to any thing which they have done, as their ground of hope, the reason for their acceptance with God, they choose the law for their covenant, and become debtors to fulfill all its demands. They throw themselves upon the simple alternative of perfect and perpetual obedience, spotless from the commencement,and spotless forever; or chains of everlasting darkness. This is the condition and stand of all who are not in the covenant of grace, spiritually united to Jesus the mediator of this new covenant.”
-Stephen Tyng, from his Lectures on the Lawn and Gospel, p.91-92.

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Christ Alone

“It is Christ and Christ alone that can save us. As the worst of our sins are pardonable by Christ, so the best of our duties are damnable without Him.”

-Stephen Tyng, from his Lectures on the Law and the Gospel”, p.66

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Job Got it Right

Job eyed God in the fire which fell from heaven, and in all the fiery trials which befell him. And therefore, he does not say, “The Lord gave—and the devil tookaway!” Nor, “The Lord gave—and the Chaldeans and Sabeans took away!” But “The Lord gave—and the Lord has taken away; may the name of the Lord be praised!” Job 1:20-21
– Thomas Brooks, from his London Lamentations

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