The Fruit of Our Consideration

“Let us treat Him accordingly.  Believe nothing but on His authority. On His authority believe everything that He reveals.  In religion acknowledge no other ultimate authority but His.  Expect pardon and salvation in no other way but through His atonement and intercession; and confidently expect them through this medium…Jesus Christ is all in all, let us seek all from Him…and let us ascribe to Him all the glory.”
Ibid, p.158

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Considering Him is Necessary

It is only by “considering” the truth about Jesus Christ as the “Apostle and High Priest of our profession” that we can personally enjoy the benefits of His teaching as a Prophet, and of His expiation and intercession as a High Priest. We cannot be too deeply impressed with a conviction of this, that all spiritual blessings come to us through faith of the truth respecting the Apostle and High Priest of our profession.  Truth must be understood in order to it’s being believed, and it must be considered in order to its being understood.  The consideration of Jesus Christ is not only necessary to the production of faith, but to its continued existence, and to its gradual improvement”.
Ibid, p157-158

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Consider Him (cont.)

“It is because we think so little, and to so little purpose, on Christ, that we know so little about Him, that we love Him so little, trust in Him so little, so often neglect our duty, are so much influenced by ‘things seen and temporal’ and so little by ‘things unseen and eternal’…It is because men do not know Christ that they do not love Him; it is because they know Him so imperfectly that they love Him so imperfectly.  The Truth about Him as the Great Prophet and the Great High Priest well deserves consideration, it is the ‘manifold wisdom of God’. It requires it; it cannot be understood by a careless and occasional glance”.
Ibid, p.157

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Consider Him

“To consider our Lord as the “Apostle and High Priest of our profession”, is just to make the truth revealed to us in His Word respecting Him, as the Great Prophet and the only High Priest whom we acknowledge, the subject of deep habitual thought, that we may understand it and believe it, and be led into a corresponding course of affection and conduct in reference to Him”.
-John Brown from his Hebrews commentary, p. 157

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The Evil of Sin

“O the depth of the evil of sin! If ever you will see how dreadful and horrid an evil, sin is, you must measure it either by the infinite holiness and excellency of God, who is wronged by it; or by the infinite sufferings of Christ, who died to pay its penalty; and then you will have deeper apprehensions of the evil of sin”.
-John Flavel, from his Fountain of Life

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