“Gratitude is, as it were, the soul and the sum of the Christian’s duty.  Where it is absent, no duty can be performed aright;  where it is present in due energy, every duty will be performed aright….Our service will be of no use if it is not acceptable;  and it cannot be acceptable if it is not the result of gratitude, the expression of thankfulness”.
-John Brown, Hebrews Commentary, p668-9

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Our Pilgrimage

“Nothing but the faith of the Gospel can induce a man to abandon the world and commence a pilgrimage towards Heaven.  And wherever there is the faith of the Gospel, there will be such an abandonment – there will be the commencement and the prosecution of such a pilgrimage”.
-John Brown, from his Hebrews commentary, p509

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The Blood of Christ

“The blood of Christ, viewed as shed,  renders the salvation of the sinner consistent with the perfections of the divine character, the principles of the divine government, the declarations of the divine word.  The blood of Christ, viewed as sprinkled on the believing sinner, relieves his mind from the constraints and terrors and jealousies and pollutions of guilt, and enables him to serve God without fear, with filial love and holy joy”.
-John Brown, from his Hebrews commentary, p.403

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