Christ’s Sufferings

“Not one throb of pain did He feel, not one pang of sorrow did He experience, not one sigh of anguish did He heave, not one tear of grief did He shed, for Himself. All were for men; all were for us. If not one of His sufferings was personal, it follows that they were all substitutionary, that they were all, of course, included in the matter or substance of His atoning sacrifice.”

-A.W.Pink, from his The Satisfaction of Christ, p.73

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Fit or Unfit?

“We are all by nature utterly unfit to obey the divine will;  we do not know it, we do not love it.  God alone can render us fit for doing His will;  and this is true,  not only with regard to the unregenerate, but with regard to  regenerate men….In order to conformity to the law of God in life, there must be conformity to the will of God in the heart.

-John Brown, Hebrews commentary, p.722

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