The Work of the Holy Spirit

“The great end of the Spirit’s coming was to reveal fully to the world the way of salvation, to discover the unsearchable riches of grace, to assure men of happiness after this life, that they might be reduced from a state of rebellion to obedience, and their affections be refined and purified from all earthliness and made angelical and heavenly”.
-William Bates, from his The Harmony of the Divine Attributes, p.296

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“Dalliance with temptation always implies a desire for the tempting object.”
-W.G.T. Shedd, from his Systematic Theology, p.553

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A Crown of Straw

“All the disciplines and severities whereby men think to make satisfaction to the law, are like a crown of straw, that dishonors the head instead of adorning it. But that righteousness which was acquired by the obedience and meritorious sufferings of Christ, and is embraced by faith, is all-sufficient for our justification”.
– William Bates, from his The Harmony of the Divine Attributes, p.247

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God’s Design

“God had both a subservient and a supreme design in sending Christ into the world: the supreme design was to display His own glory, the subservient design was to save His elect unto His own glory. The former was accomplished by the manifestation of His blessed attributes, which is the chief design in all His works, pre-eminently so in His greatest and grandest work of all.”
– A.W.Pink, from his book, The Satisfaction of Christ, p.110

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