Baptized Pagans

“Those that own the profession of Christianity and live in unChristian practices are baptized pagans and ineffect revile our Blessed Redeemer….The naked name of Christian cannot protect from the wrath of God”.
-William Bates from his The Harmony of the Divine Attributes, p.324

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Called to Study

“Every Christian has the obligation of studying the Bible assiduously, attentively, constantly, diligently, perserveringly, pertinaciously, seriously, and any other adverbs that should stimulate the indolent”.
-Gordon H. Clark, From his commentary on Colossians.

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How Do You Renounce Him?

“A proud person renounces the Savior’s humility, the revengeful His mercy, the lukewarm His zeal, the unclean His purity, the covetous His bounty and compassion, the hypocrite His sincerity”.
-William Bates, from his The Harmony of the Divine Attributes, p.324

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