Our Hope and Confidence

“The imputation of Christ’s active obedience is necessary, also, in order to hope and confidence respecting the endless future. If the believer founds his expectation of an eternity of blessedness upon the amount of obedience which he has himself rendered to the law and the degree of holiness which he has personally attained here upon earth, he is filled with doubt and fear respecting the final recompense”.
– W.G.T. Shedd, from his Dogmatic Theology, p.721

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“Our corrupt desires are vast and restless as the sea and when contradicted, they betray us to discontent and disobedience.”
-William Bates, from his The Harmony of the Divine Attributes, p.264

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The Essence of Sin

“The very essence and inmost quality of sin consists in the lack of a heart to magnify the Lord, and to exalt His holy name”….”We should understand that there is no sin so wearing and wearisome as human egotism – as man’s inveterate unwillingness to sink self, and renounce all idolatry in the humble and adoring recognition of God’s infinite perfection…. Be impressed with the greatness, goodness, and glory of God!”
-W.G.T.Shedd, from his Sermons to the Spiritual Man, p.47,49

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God’s View and Man’s View

“Man calls himself happy if he can grasp and cling to the objects of this world; but the Word of God asserts that he is really wretched, because this world will soon be melted with fervent heat. Man flatters himself that all is well with him while he gratifies the flesh, and feed the appetites of his corrupt nature; but God asserts in thunder-tones that all is ill with him, because his spirit is not fed with the bread that comes down from heaven.”
-W.G.T.Shedd, from his Sermons to the Spiritual Man, p.83-84

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