Holiness is Happiness

“Holiness is not only connected with happiness, but is itself happiness. A man is miserable in proportion as he is sinful, and happy in the same degree in which he is holy….True holiness is the health and happiness, the peace and pleasure of the soul. It renders the external comforts of the believer doubly pleasant and his heaviest crosses light, his life valuable and his death desirable….He knows by experience that he is happy in proportion as his inclinations, thoughts, words and actions are holy.
-John Colquhoun, from his Treatise on the Law and Gospel, p.272-273

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The Struggle with Indwelling Sin

“The Holy Spirit employs the Word, sacraments, prayer,afflictions, and all the disciplines of life as instruments by which He excites and induces the renewed man to struggle with indwelling sin and to endure unto the end”.
-W.G.T.Shedd, from his Dogmatic Theology,p.771

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Regeneration – The Work of the Holy Spirit

“By the operation of the Holy Spirit in regeneration, the man is enabled to incline to holiness instead of sin….by renewing the sinful and self-enslaved will, the Holy Spirit empowers it to self-determine or incline to God as the chief good and the supreme end….From this new self-determination or inclination or disposition or principle, holy volitions or choices proceed, and from the holy choices, holy actions”.
– W.G.T.Shedd, from his Dogmatic Theology, p.766

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The Law for the Christian

“The power of the law to condemn, to terrify, and to slay is departed because Christ has received the stroke of justice upon Himself.  For the disciple of Christ, the law is no longer a judge but only an instructor”.
W.G.T.Shedd, from his Sermons to the Spiritual Man, p.204

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