Regeneration – The Work of the Holy Spirit

“By the operation of the Holy Spirit in regeneration, the man is enabled to incline to holiness instead of sin….by renewing the sinful and self-enslaved will, the Holy Spirit empowers it to self-determine or incline to God as the chief good and the supreme end….From this new self-determination or inclination or disposition or principle, holy volitions or choices proceed, and from the holy choices, holy actions”.
– W.G.T.Shedd, from his Dogmatic Theology, p.766

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  1. Hey Jim. A fellow scripturalist saying helo. I used to write on the Post tenebras Lux Blog before it went down. Anyway just keeping in touch with my scripturalist friends.

    The Kings Parlor

    • HI Drake! Good to hear that there are more Scripturalists out there! Gos bless! Jim

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