Our War with Sin

“Be killing sin or it will be killing you”.
John Owen, Works 6:9

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The Tone of a Believer’s Prayers

“The growth of a Christian is in nothing more apparent, than in the tone of his prayers. An increasing humility, earnestness, comprehensiveness, conciseness, and heavenly glow in the devotions of a believer, are a sure sign that he is drawing nearer to glory, honor and immortality – that he is rspidly preparing for a world where every spiritual want will be fully supplied and where consequently prayer will pass into praise”.
-W.G.T. Shedd from his Sermons to the Spiritual Man, p.370

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The Necessity of Watchfulness

“The imperfectly sanctified Christian needs not to make a special effort, in order to transgress. If he simply remains careless and unwatchful, the self-moving inclination will do it’s own work without any struggle on his part. Hence he is liable to sin at any instant. Within him, there are the relics of an evil dispositon which by its very nature, and quality, as easily and readily sends up evil thoughts, feelings and desires, as the fire of a furnace sends up smoke and sparks”.
-W. G. T. Shedd, from his sermons to the Spiritual Man, p.335

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