A Crucial Work

“A crucial work of the mind in the process of sanctification is the consistent consideration of God and His amazing grace.”
John Owen, from Overcoming Sin and Temptation, p.31

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Flee to the Ark!

A Christian must deny his own righteousness—his moralities,
duties, and good works. The spider weaves a web out of her
own body. A hypocrite would spin a web of salvation out of
his own righteousness. But Paul, like the bee, sucked salvation
from the flower of Christ’s righteousness. “That I may be found
in Him—not having my own righteousness.” Philippians 3:9

Put gold in the fire—and out comes the dross. Our most
golden services are mixed with sin. “Our righteousness
are as filthy rags.” Isaiah 64:6

We must never trust in our duties—but only in Christ’s
righteousness, for salvation. Noah’s dove made use of
her wings to fly—but trusted the ark for safety!
-Thomas Watson

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“Contentment is a disposition of mind in which we rest satisfied with the will of God respecting our temporal affairs, without hard thoughts or hard speeches concerning His allotments, and without any sinful desire for a change”.
William Plumer, from his “Vital Godliness”

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