The Fear of God

“The fear of God is the hidden principle of obedience – not of nature’s growth. It is the work of the Spirit in the heart of the regenerate….It is not a legal principle of terror or bondage, but the genuine spirit of confidence – the delicate expression of filial love in the heart of a child of God – the holy fruit of forgiveness.”
-Charles Bridges, from is commentary on Ecclesiastes, p.309

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Walking Dirt

The more grace we have, the less we shall
think of ourselves; for grace, like light,
reveals our impurity. At best, we are . . .
  but clay,
  animated dust,
  mere walking dirt.

But viewed as sinners, we are monsters indeed.

Let it be published in heaven as a wonder,
that the Lord Jesus should set His heart’s
love upon such as we are!

– Charles Spurgeon

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