The Force of Truth

“It is more to God’s glory that the world should be conquered by the force of Truth than by the blaze of miracles”.
– Charles Spurgeon , MTP, vol 23, p.471

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Beware the Labyrinth!

“Life is set before us in Christ, who not only makes Himself known, but presents Himself to our enjoyment in the Gospel.  Into this mirror let the eye of our faith ever fixedly look. Nor let it ever desire to penetrate where access to its sight is not given.
Since this is the right way, let the children of God walk therein, lest by winging their flight higher than is lawful, they plunge themselves into a labyrinth deeper than they would wish to find themselves in.”
-Calvin, from Calvin’s Calvinism, p.16

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The Book of Hebrews

“The doctrinal importance of this book is exceeded by none, not even by the Roman epistle. Where its teachings are believed, understood and embodied in the life, ritualism and legalism(the two chief enemies of Christianity) receive their death blow.”
– A.W.Pink, from his Hebrews commentary, p.18

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