The Believer’s Assurance

The assurance of the believer rests upon the unchanging veracity of God”
-A.W.Pink , Hebrews Comm. p.353

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The Glory of Heaven

“The glory of Heaven consists in the full manifestation of divine wisdom,goodness, grace,and holiness – of all the properties of the nature of God in Christ. In the clear perception and constant contemplation hereof consists no small part of eternal blessedness”.
-John Owen, Works, vol 1. p.244

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All the Works of Men…

“All the works of men, even the most sanctified, are sin”.
– Luther

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What Faith Does…

“Faith makes invisible things visible, absent things present, and things that are very far off to be very near to the soul”.
– Thomas Brooks

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To the Very End of Our Journey

“To the last moment of our fight of faith, to the very end of our journey, the child of God, while trusting and rejoicing, walks in Godly fear”.
AW Pink, From his Hebrews Commentary, p.194

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