What to Renounce…

“We are not to renounce our comforts and throw away God’s blessings; but we are to renounce our carnal affections. We cannot get out of the world when we please, but we must get the world out of us”.
AW Pink, from his Hebrews Comm. p.732

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The Theater of Divine Glory

“Correctly then is this world called the mirror of divinity; Not that there is sufficient clearness for man to gain a full knowledge of God, by looking at the world, but that He has thus so far revealed Himself, that the ignorance of the ungodly is without excuse. Now, the faithful, to whom He has given eyes, sees sparks of His glory, as it were, glittering in every created thing. The world was no doubt made, that it might be the theater of the Divine Glory”.
-John Calvin, from his commentary on Hebrews, p.266

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