The Purpose of the Law

The Law was given for this purpose:
to make you, being great, little;
to show that you do not have in
yourself to attain righteousness,
and for you, thus helpless,
unworthy and destitute,
to flee to grace.
– John Calvin, from his Institutes of the Christian Religion, 20: 7.9 357

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“To divide the church on what according to the Word of God is an “indifferent” matter; that is to say, a practice which God has neither condemned nor commanded is the essence of sectarianism”.
-R.B. Kuiper, from his The Glorious Body of Christ”, p.53

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At War!

“He who is at peace with God is by that very token at war with Satan, the world and the flesh”.

-R.B. Kuiper, from his “The Glorious Body of Christ”, p.14

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