The Better Garment

“The first Adam’s righteousness was a bright garment that was every way fitted to make creatures stand before God with acceptance in the enjoyment of Eden’s bliss…but the Second Adam’s righteousness is an outshining, glorious robe that is every way fitted to make all those who are clothed with it to stand before the face of God, or in His immediate presence,  with the highest acceptance in the enjoyment of the heavenly paradise, or third heaven’s glory”.

-Joseph Hart, from A Discourse Upon Justification”, p.8-9

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The Bent of the Needle

“A course of sinning is not consistent with a course of
godliness. Though the needle of the seaman’s compass
may jog this way and that way—yet the bent of the
needle will still be northward. Just so, though a Christian
may have his particular sinful joggings this way or that
way—yet the bent of his heart will still be . . .

-Thomas Brooks

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OT Sacrifices

“The sacrifices under the law must be considered as totally insufficient, either to satisfy the justice of God or the conscience of a convinced sinner”

-John Colquhoun, from his “Sermons on Important Doctrines”, p.181

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Entitled to Eternal Life

“None of Adam’s guilty race could perform a single duty corresponding to the purity and extent of the holy law, far less an obedience absolutely perfect in parts, degrees and continuance. But without such a righteousness, none of them could ever be entitled to eternal life. The unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God. Jesus Christ, therefore, the Surety of elect sinners, yielded to the law as a covenant, in their room, a righteousness fully commensurate to its high requirements”.

-John Colquhoun, from his , “Sermons on Important Doctrines”,p.155

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By the Gospel, Not by the Law

“It is by the Gospel of Christ, not by the law of Moses, that this method of justification gains its object; and it is by believing the truth about Christ, not by yielding obedience to any law, that the sinner, according to this method of justification, is justified.”

John Colquhoun

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All of Grace, No Boasting

“They who believe, have no merit in believing, – the faith of the Gospel and the blessings in which it interests, being equally the result of the sovereign grace of God”.

-John Brown, from his Romans commentary, p.286

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