Blessed Assurance

“Believers are assured of both the propriety and greatness of their future intimacy and enjoyment of God by the greatness of the price given on their behalf”.

-Ibid, P.245

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Not a Single Person

“If God were to allow a single person into heaven without perfect righteousness, the Day of Judgment could neither be a display of the glory of God’s righteous justice, nor a vindication of His righteous judgments”.

-Ibid, p.141

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Adam’s Merit vs. Christ’s Merit

“Whereas Adam’s obedience was meritorious by virtue of God’s gracious terms alone, Christ’s obedience was infinitely meritorious of itself by virtue of Christ’s voluntarily undertaking the role of Mediator, as perfectly fulfilling all laws, as performed by one of infinite dignity and worth, as an infinite condescension to infinite suffering on behalf of infinitely unworthy sinners.”

-Craig Biehl, from his Infinite Merit of Christ, p.165

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